+ How do I sign my team up?

See the Register page for steps to sign teams and individuals up for ISI.

+ Can I come without a team?

Yes! We do accept individuals for our camp. We will place you on a team. Please note that if you are 12 or under, you must be accompanied by an adult.

+ Can we sign up our team if there are only a few kids? Will they remain together if placed on another team?

There is a 5 person minimum to get the team registration price. If you are traveling with less than 5 and wish to be on the same team, note the other wrestlers' names on your registration from and send the forms in together.

+ When is check-in/check-out?

Check-in is typically from 8AM - 12PM the first day of camp. Check-outs take place on the last day from 7AM - 9AM and 3PM to 4:30PM.

+ Can we check in the night before camp starts?

If you are traveling long distances, special arrangements can be made for early check-in.

+ Can we stay a day after camp is over?

Each camp has a different rule regarding this issue. Please email us to discuss.

+ Are there refunds?

Due to the size and nature of these camps, we do not offer refunds. When you submit your registration, please be sure you will be there. We do not refund for injury.

+ Is there a deadline for registration?

Yes! Please check the Camp page for deadline dates and Early Registration specials!

+ Is there a limit to the number of kids I can bring?

No. We try to aim for 14 kids per team. If you have more, we would suggest splitting into two teams though this is not required.

+ Can I mail a check? Where do I send it?

We will accept checks before the Early Discount deadline. After those deadlines, you must pay cash or credit at the door. Rates increase $20/wrestler following the Early Discount deadline. No checks will be accepted at the door. Please send checks to:

ISI Team Camps Attn: Steve Farrell 1307 Hummingbird Cir Waterloo, IA 50702

+ How do I reserve a spot?

If you are a team, send in a $200 transferable deposit. If you are an individual, send in your form by the Early Discount deadline, or pay the increased rate in cash or credit at the door.

+ Does camp sell out?

Yes, we can only accommodate a set number of teams at each camp. Once that number has been reached, we are sold out.

+ Can female wrestlers come to the camp?

Yes! We have had many young women at our camps!

+ Do I get a discount for attending more than one camp?

Yes! After the first camp, you will receive a $25 deduction for each additional camp you register for this year.

camp experience

+ How many matches will my team get?

You will have 10 scheduled duals and a takedown tournament on the last day but ample time for extra matches if you prefer. We have built in time for extra matches. It is not uncommon to leave our camp with 15-20 matches.

+ Will my wrestlers be supervised? How many staff members do you have?

At each camp, we bring with us college wrestlers and coaches to help supervise the children. We also rely heavily on each coach to supervise his/her own team.

+ Do you have athletic trainers?

Yes, we have two certified trainers on staff at all times during camp hours.

+ My child has to take meds. Who makes sure he/she takes them?

This should be figured out with your school's coaches. If the student attends as an individual, please organize this with his/her chaperone. The ISI team is not staffed or trained to deal with medical issues.

+ What should I bring with me?

Please bring enough workout gear for at least two workouts a day, clothing for nightly activities, and don't forget your swim trunks! Also bring towels, bedding if you are staying in the dorms, and toiletries.

+ What is the t-shirt exchange?

This happens on our last day when we have the kids exchange their school shirt with another camper.

+ What are the camp rules?

We have one rule, RESPECT. Respect the camp, facility, staff, and other campers. Additional rules are site-specific and will be provided at check-in time.

+ How much technique will we get?

A LOT!! Your team will receive at least 2 hours of technique a day. If you take advantage of the elite session at 7AM, you will receive 4 hours a day.

+ Can beginners come to camp? It seems too big.

ISI is a big camp but campers are very diverse in their ability. We have wrestlers for everyone. Beginners are welcome!

+ What are the age divisions?

K-6, 7-8, 9-12. It is okay to move kids up divisions but no wrestlers will be allowed to move down a division.

+ Are there weigh ins?

Yes. Each wrestler weighs-in at check-in on the first day.

+ Can someone challenge another wrestler's weight or ability level?

Yes. Any issues that cannot be resolved should be brought to the attention of the camp directors.

+ Can I get extra technique sessions?

We have optional morning and evening practice sessions every day.

+ Is there an awards ceremony at camp?

Our awards ceremony takes place on the last day of camp.

+ Do I get a free t-shirt?

At ISI, you must earn a t-shirt. You can earn a shirt by being recognized as one of the hardest workers, by winning team duals, or winning the Team Olympics.

+ Why should we pick your camp? It's so big!

A camp of our size allows your team to be placed with teams like yours! If your team is in a rebuilding year, you will be placed in a bracket with teams in a similar position. The same is true for advanced teams. Every year we have multiple state dual and state champion teams in attendance.

+ Are all 1000 kids in one gym?

At each camp, we have multiple gyms. We divide our camp into different divisions. Our divisions typically run between 200-300 kids. While one high school division is doing their Team Olympic session, the other division is in the gym working on technique.

meals, merch & fun

+ How much money should my kids bring?

This is entirely up to the wrestlers and their families. ISI offers three nightly activities; two cost $5 each, one of them is free. Also available to the wrestlers is a concession stand and merchandise booth sellting t-shirts, singlets, and other ISI merchandise ranging from $5 to $40.

+ If I come as an individual, can I still attend nightly activities?

Individuals must have a chaperone to provide transportation to nightly activities. Sadly, we do not provide transportation at this time for individuals without chaperones. We will have alternative activities at the dorms for any individuals wishing to participate.

+ What meals will be served?

It depends on the meal plan you picked! We give options so you can build the camp experience you want. If you would like to make camp cheaper you can bring your own meals or choose Lunches Only. We also offer a Lunches and Supper meal plan or an All Inclusive Meal Plan that offers three meals a day.

+ Do you take credit/debit cards at camp?

Yes! You can use a card to make all purchases at ISI camps.

Coach info

+ Will there be a coaches clinic?

Yes, at least one per camp.

+ What is the fee for coaches?

Coaches attend ISI for free. If you get at least ten wrestlers to pay, we will also provide a dorm and a meal plan for one coach for free.

+ Can a coach drop his team off and not attend?

This has happened before and we are not huge fans! If this is the case we must treat your team like individuals and charge them as such. We will need to assign them a counselor to replace the coach.

+ Can coaches and parents stay at the dorms?

Coaches and parents are welcome to stay at the dorms but must pay the same rate campers do. For every 10 wrestlers a coach brings, ISI will provide 1 free meal card and 1 free lodging.